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ALPS and ForeCast are set to bring you the best products through the highest quality materials available.

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To learn more about the materials we use in our ALPS and ForeCast Reel Seats see the materials breakdown below.

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Straight from Italy, introducing AB1 products!

Straight from Italy, introducing AB1 products!

Trolling Butt, Flexible Roller Guides and Titanium Roller Top

Trolling Butt
AB1 butts are not only stylish giving you that unique "bling" factor but are made of high-grade unidirectional... Read More

Now in Stock: EPDM Grips

Now in Stock: EPDM Grips

In the past Hypalon was the grip material of choice for many rods, but recent changes in the  laws have made it impossible for Hypalon to be manufactured or imported to the USA.  Well there’s where we come in, after testing various materials for a suitable replacement we came across EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). This is a synthetic f... Read More

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