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This is the most exciting time of the year for all of us at Batson Enterprises as we release our new 2017 Catalog. So much time and energy goes into every product, from concept to design and finally manufacturing, that it’s incredible to see fish of all sizes caught using our rod blanks and/or rod components.

So with that we are releasing over 500 new products (including the various sizes) in our 2017 Batson Enterprises Catalog. This is a massive update to the Batson Enterprises brands: RainShadow Rod Blanks, North Fork Composites, ALPS and ForeCast.

Made in the USA Rod Blanks
ETERNITY Rod Blanks (Cast and Spin models) have seen their production moved to the United States to increase quality control and to take this line to an entirely new performance level. Gone is the cobalt blue with a new natural Swirl Sanded appearance.

Introducing The Judge line of Live Bait and Crankbait rod blanks, also Made in the USA. These blanks feature a proprietary blend of S-Glass and RX7 graphite mixed with our new state of the art Diamond Poly Helix carbon wrap. These blanks are a masterpiece and sure to impress.

More RainShadow Rod Blanks
Also new for the 2017 season, and currently available, are the new

Tuna Popper series of blanks featuring RX6/E-Glass.  These bad boys will take on the largest Tuna out there and come back for more!

You may also notice some of your old favorites of the RX7 series of blanks are no longer in the catalog… do not worry as they have been revitalized and rolled into our REVELATION lineup of blanks. You’ll find the CrankbaitFlippin’ StickInshore Popping and Swimbait blanks display the same action and power that you loved.

Reel Seats
First we have a Brand-New ForeCast Split Cast/Spin Real Seat that is sure to impress with its ergonomic shape with specific Cork and EVA grips that slide into the seat.

You’ll find new colors such as Red, Purple and Green added to the ever popularALPS Centra-Lock (CAH) Aluminum Reel Seats offering a new customized look to your rods.

We’ve also added a size 17 to the ALPS RAPID MVT and Graphite Reel Seats.

Plus a new Cage Aluminum Hoods for the ALPS MVT, TexTouch and split reel seats. These jaw dropping hoods will take your rod to another level.

Tons of New Grips:
We’ve added a Made in USA Woven Carbon Fiber line of grips. Light, strong and incredibly sensitive!

In addition to an exclusively designed set of WINN Grips that offer unparalleled comfort and are ready for any weather conditions.

Brand New EVA with HDCC Inlayed Split Grips that will give a truly custom look.

For your larger saltwater rods we’ve added two new large fore grips in theForeCast EVA Flat Top and EVA Triangle.

You’ll also find some of your favorite style of ForeCast grips with added materials such as Burl and Camo. Such as Cork  Split Grips with Dark BurlShort Cork Fore Grips with BurlEVA Split Grips and EVA Short Fore Grips with Natural Burl and Camo.

Butt Caps:
Look out for the New ALPS Short Aluminum Butt Caps and ALPS Deluxe Aluminum Butt Caps.

Also new is ALPS Balance System Aluminum Butt Caps, easily allowing you to adjust the balance point on your rods.

New Colors have been added to the ForeCast Weighted Fighting Butts andALPS Heavy Gimbals, to match the added colors to the ALPS Centra-Lock Reel Seats.

Incredible new addition to our Cork and EVA fighting butts is the new ream through designs.

Plus some truly uniquely designed Fighting Butts, with our ream through design with added flat sides to help prevent the torque twist in a rod.

Don’t stop reading as there’s even more!
New ALPS LF Guides, light weight spinning guides and ALPS PA Tangle Free Tip Tops

ALPS PA Tangle FREE Tips Tops is a welcomed addition to our lineup of top quality tip tops.

Trim Pieces, we’ve added Pale Gold and Red colors to ALPS Winding Checks,TRSTRC and TRB Trim Rings as well as a New TRCAH Trim Ring designed for the Centra-Lock Reel Seats

That’s not all either, just the highlights. So make sure to explore both theRainShadowRodBlanks.com and ALPSForeCast.com websites or the 2017 Catalog itself to see everything that’s offered.

See the exciting 300 page Catalog at:

Or see all the products on www.RainShadowRodBlanks.com and www.ALPSForeCast.com