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for OEMs, Private Label and Individual Rod Builders

Nearly identical to the ALPS wrap machine, the ForeCast wrap machine has all the bells and whistles as well. The ForeCast wrap machine comes attached to a four foot aluminum base and comes with an additional base section to give you 7’ of workable space. If more space is needed, additional aluminum bases are available separately. The self-centering chuck will hold blanks up to 1 ½” in diameter. The ForeCast wrap machine has easy switching functions that allow for both wrapping and drying on the same machine. Simply change between wrapping and drying motors and you’re done. Just like the ALPS wrap machine, standard functions include a multi-spool thread transport with tensioning device and three fully adjustable rod stands with ball bearings. The foot pedal and dial gives progressive and precise control of your RPM’s so wrapping is faster. With 45-degree indications marked on the flywheel it makes diamond wraps that much simpler.