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Add a bit of flair to the standard nylon single nut hood by adding an aluminum ALPS locking nut which is now available from Batson Enterprises. Not only will it add a decorative piece to your reel seat it will help to better secure your reel to the finished rod.

These nuts are designed to fit existing ALPS or ForeCast nylon casting or spinning seats.

Please note that using in certain applications the use of these locking nuts will DECREASE how far your reel seat can open to accept a reel foot by .275”. Locking nuts are designed to be used with no fore grip so please make sure the reel fits before gluing on a fore grip. Contact Batson Enterprises with any questions you may have regarding compatibility.

Part NumberWidth IN(MM)OD IN (MM)ID IN(MM)Wt Grains (OZ)
LN160.275 (6.98)0.815 (20.69)0.696 (17.67)1.00 (.035)
LN170.275 (6.98)0.895 (22.73)0.777 (19.73)1.10 (.040)
LN180.275 (6.98)0.964 (24.48)0.824 (20.93)1.15 (.060)
LN200.275 (6.98)1.000 (25.4)0.885 (22.48)1.20 (.040)
LN220.275 (6.98)1.081 (27.44)0.965 (24.50)1.40 (.045)