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WINN Saltwater

We have added 4 new  WINN saltwater fore grips to our grip line up for the 2018 tackle season. WINN saltwater grips offer unprecedented comfort and griping power, even when wet.

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Winn Grips

Winn’s proprietary blends of polymers with Jaguar Design’s input make these grips a must have. Superior polymer grip technology put control and comfort in the angler’s hand, providing tacky sure-grip in both cold and wet conditions. Winn grips are also designed to reduce fatigue, enhance control, and keeps you fishing in comfort for longer.

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Winn Rod Wrap

Winn Rod Wrap is the first and only durable high quality rod wrap on the market, featuring “Non-Slip Polymer” Technology. This exciting product gives you the opportunity to revitalize your rods (especially those with older/worn grips).

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