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Carbon Fiber

Want to buy the best woven carbon wrapped grips on the planet? Look no further. The Jaguar Design team in conjunction with some of the brightest minds in the composites industry, pulled out all the stops on these new grips. So how are ours better than the others out there? We thought you would never ask.

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Foam Core

Tired of pre-formed grips? Wanting something truly custom and handmade? With the ForeCast foam cores you have just that option. Whether you cover it in shrink tube, carbon fiber or finish coat, just turn this easy to machine material to your desired shape and the finish treatment is up to you.

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Shims and Bushings

ForeCast has the solution for you! With many different combinations to choose from, you can complete your entire rod build utilizing the latest shims and bushings to create that clean and distinct look.

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Handle Kits

Kits feature all parts necessary to create the handle on your next custom rod

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