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ALPS ARG Aluminum

ALPS ARG aluminum gimbals are the perfect compliment to any saltwater rod with a bit of an “edge”.

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ALPS Aluminum (Heavy Duty)

ALPS heavy duty gimbal is perfect on any build requiring and demanding harsh conditions of the open sea!

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ForeCast Aluminum (Heavy Duty)

ForeCast™ heavy duty gimbals are a no nonsense gimbal that are required when the demand is needed.

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ALPS Rubber Gimbal

New from ALPS, ball shaped rubber gimbals. This new design can be used with or without a fighting belt. Rounded bottom for comfort while fighting fish without a fighting belt, slotted to fit your fighting belt if you choose to go that route.

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ForeCast Nylon

ForeCast nylon gimbal features glass filled nylon construction. This gimbal retains strength and is lighter than your standard aluminum gimbal yet still durable.

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ForeCast Rubber

The ForeCast™ rubber gimbal is made out of a UV resistant rubber, and will outlast any rod build in the elements.

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