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This is always the most exciting time of the year hear at Batson Enterprises as we release our New Products for the 2018 season (some of which is already available). So much time and energy goes into every product, from concept to design to testing to manufacturing. Then to finally release these products out to the public, it’s an incredible feeling to all of us here at the offices to see fish caught on our rod blanks and components.

This year is a bit less than new products than the massive 2017 release but there’s still quite a few exciting products coming out from our Batson Enterprises brands: RainShadow Rod Blanks, ALPS and ForeCast.

RainShadow Rod Blanks

For all you Tuna hounds out there, earlier in the year we released 5 longer models in our popular RCJB (Jig/Boat) series of rod blanks. Featuring durable RX6 Graphite in the butt with E-Glass in the tip for a combination of Extra Fast action and incredible strength.

We also release a new 8-foot RCTB Tuna rod blank (RCTB80XXH). This meat stick is a powerful rail rod for heavy duty Big Eye Tuna. This one is for the ultimate custom rod builder, designed so it can be cut down to different lengths.

For the first time ever we’re releasing a Kit Rod Blank for saltwater trolling. Designed to fit the ALPS #1 size aluminum but, you simply have add a fore grip and our Kite Tip Top.

Not to leave out the Bass and pan fish fans out there we’ve got new offerings in our REVELATION rod blank line.

We’ve been hearing the need for 2-Piece REVELATION rod blanks for awhile so we’ve adapted our most popular one-piece models and made them into two pieces for the traveling angler.

Recently BASS announced the use of rods up to 10-feet long in tournaments. So our Jaguar Designed team was challenged to design an 10-foot rod that will fit a standard rod locker. So they developed a single Telescopic line of Crankbait rod blanks.

New ALPS & ForeCast Rod Components
New ALPS AWS Aluminum Spin Reel Seat – ALPS outdid themselves once again designing an ergonomically comfortable and sensitive spin seat that delivers performance.

ALPS iF-Guide – Tangle Free
These new spinning guides by ALPS are designed to be tangle free. A must have on any spinning rod.

Were you disappointed in no longer being able to get Hypalon grips, well we’ve got the replacement for you in our new ForeCast EPDM Grips. This synthetic foam rubber has the same characteristics of hypalon but is legal to make and use in the USA.

We have new exclusive WINN Saltwater Fore Grips that offer unprecedented comfort and griping power.

Plus some awesome looking JDM USA style EVA split grips with Carbon Fiber or Texalium inlays. They’ll not only enhance the look of your custom built rod but they will enhance the sensitivity as well.

With the trend of having longer rods with split grips, our Jaguar Design team has come out with a new 4-Inch Fighting Butt. This longer fighting butt adds more comfort for the two handed cast on a longer rod.

Last but not least is ForeCast Freshwater and Saltwater Tip Top Repair kits! These are perfect for the serious angler or retail shop that does quite a few Tip Top replacements. The Freshwater kit includes 170 ForeCast P Tip Tops and the Saltwater kit includes 180 ForeCast SU Tip Tops along with Tip Top Adhesive.

Not to mention our recently released Team RainShadow Pliers, Braid Scissors and Fillet Knife which are available at Build2Fish.com