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What is this new feature? 
Answer: Rod Blueprints!

This is a much needed feature and your RainShadow rod building questions have been answered.

RainShadow is committed to helping every rod enthusiast by taking most of the guesswork out of a rod build. This tool is extremely helpful when it comes to choosing the right components for your custom rod as well as building your own rod. These Rod Blueprints will give you guidelines/ideas on the perfect components and sizes for your custom build. RainShadow has also recommended and measured the spacing for all ALPS & ForeCast guides and tip tops.

RainShadow has simplified rod building.

Rod Blueprints, gives a perfect starting point when it comes to your custom rod by taking all intimidation away. Also, Rod Blueprints are never set in stone. This allows for an “ease of use” part change when using the similar sized components. Picking the perfect color and components is now effortless and you will feel confident that you’re heading in the right direction.

So how to use this feature:
First, click on a rod series at RainShadowRodBlanks.com (see below)… let’s use RX7 Crainkbait Rod Blanks for an example. Click on the Blueprints tab (to the right of the main picture) and you’ll see the Model numbers for all the rod blanks.


Click on the rod blank model of your choice and a window will pop-up with a “Rod Blueprint.” Within the pop-up window you’ll see the ALPS/ForeCast components that are compatible along with their part numbers. To view that component, click on the part number and you will be taken to the specific page found on the ALPS/ForeCast website. From theALPS/ForeCast website you have the option to build a “Wishlist” containing the various components. From there you can then print/email to your favorite dealer. It is that easy!


As we test and modify, we will update the RainShadowRodBlanks.com page frequently. Please check back on future models of “Rod Blueprints.”

Our goal is to aid customers purchasing RainShadow Rod Blanks and Alps/ForeCast components when it comes to building a custom rod for your arsenal. Whether you’re a new rod builder or a seasoned professional, RainShadow Rod Blanks is committed to bringing you the best experience in the industry.

Current Rod Blueprints Include:
* Casting/Spinning for the following:
RX7RX6RX6/E-GlassRX4E-Glass and Toughstick

* Fly: Revelation 4-Piece and Switch, RX6 2-Piece and 4-Piece

**Measurements may vary slightly on size.**