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The ins-and-outs of choosing your custom rod, featuring RainShadow Immortal IMMC72MH Rod Blank and ALPS/ForeCast Components

“Many a time I have seen the same question come up on the boards: Should I buy a “Brand X” top of the line rod for $350-400 or have someone build a custom rod me? Many times I have been guilty of saying, just get the “Brand X” because you can have it in a couple days and you will be happy. Maybe sometimes that is true. I have bought several rods in this price range and for the most part, I have always been “happy with them.” But on my favorite jig rod, the hook keeper would be better placed on the other side. On my go-to Texas rig rod the guides could be different, and if all of the rod companies continue to do away with fore grips, I might never buy another production rod. These are my preferences, but maybe you are a little OCD and like all the colors to match, or you wish you could take “Rod A” and put that same grip on “Rod B”. Guess what, you are the perfect candidate for a custom rod.”

Read it all at: www.bassresource.com/fishing_lures/custom-rod-batson.html