Reel Seats Materials

6061-T6 marine grade aluminum is the base in many of the ALPS™ reel seats. The durability, lightness of weight, and machinable curves will not only wow your eyes, but will outlast the life of your fishing rod. Inherently resistant to rust, you can rest assured this is perfect for any rod build.

ALPS™ enhance products with the latest industrial grade SS316 stainless steel material. Tremendously strong, items built with this material will stand up to the most difficult and unfriendly environments without failure every time. This is our strongest stainless steel with an uncompromising finish to enhance your rod’s look.

FIBERGLASS FILLED NYLON: ALPS™ reel seats are injection molded with this high strain and UV stable material. Its strong, sensitive and light weight material is sought after by many fishermen to get the best of both worlds.

GRAPHITE FILLED NYLON: This state of the art material is used on our new ALPS™ MVT™ casting reel seats. Using chopped Toray carbon fibers allows for stronger, lighter, and unrivaled sensitivity. This material is cutting edge to say the least. Yet another first from ALPS™.


Guides and Tip Tops Materials:

Proprietary high-grade titanium alloy is used in our high end casting, spinning and single foot fly guides. It has the lowest carbon content and supports 100% corrosion proof. ALPS™ titanium is 40% lighter than SS316 Stainless Steel and is strong yet flexible.

High-grade stainless steel that is used in our guides with “X” designation. The lower carbon content of this stainless steel allows for extreme corrosion resistance over standard stainless steel materials. ALPS™ was the first company using this high-grade material for guide frames.

Used exclusively in our “X” series fly rod guides. Same performance as our other SS316 only in a wire form for unparalleled corrosion resistance in fly rod guides and tops.

ALPS™ polished SS304 frames are made from a higher grade stainless that polishes up nicely and offers superb corrosion resistance. Highly recommended for fresh water applications.


Ring Materials

“Z” Rings

Blue TiO – TiN Gold – Bronze – Chameleon
Zirconium – PVD TiCH Over Zirconium

Zirconium rings offer similar performance to SiC but are not as brittle. Rings made from this high-end zirconium ceramic offer superb hardness, thermal dissipation, and a low coefficient of friction. It also provides the perfect surface for (Physical Vapor Deposition) PVD Coatings.


PVD is a sophisticated process of vaporizing a solid material within a vacuum chamber. The vaporized material condenses onto a substrate and forms a complete and perfect coating. In general, most coatings produced by the PVD process are vey hard and offer superb density. PVD coatings also improve hardness, corrosion resistance, and the coefficient of friction. PVD is done at a low enough temperature to protect the integrity of the substrate material. Components that offer PVD are as follows: TiN Gold coating is Titanium Nitrate, TiN. PVD TiCh is the bright titanium chrome coating referred to as Titanium Hydrogenation. PVD TiO reffers to Blue Titanium Oxide. All three of these coatings are harder than the substrate they cover. They dramatically improve the smoothness, hardness, and the coefficient of friction. When PVD is used on a guide frame or ring it improves the durability and resistance to corrosion.

“H” Rings

Short for hard aluminum oxide, this is the highest grade of aluminum oxide available, and the ring of choice for many major rod manufacturers. This highly polished ring offers excellent hardness, wear, and a very low coefficient of friction. It is hard enough to stand up to all super braid lines and offers unsurpassed value.